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HBC season runs from October- July, a typical yearly Calendar would look something like this:
October – December – voluntary team winter workouts and individual hitting and pitching lessons
November – Team uniform fittings for the Spring season
January – February – Early Spring Team Voluntary Workouts, 21 Day throwing program
February 1 – Team Meetings, we will begin finalizing a Spring schedule and selecting end of the year tournaments for each team.
February 15 – Team Workouts, this is actually when our Spring baseball season begins. We will have team practices getting everyone back into the flow and begin conditioning and throwing programs for our athletes. Practices will range from week nights and Sunday afternoons weather permitting.
March – July – Spring Season

No, we encourage teams to build from within a current core base of players. Most likely American or National Metro teams at SMP seeking additional competition and formal instruction.

All teams will focus on the fundamentals with new team concepts being introduced. Individual progression at skill positions will be encouraged.  Target # games 40-45 during this upcoming Spring.  Schedules will be made with every effort to prevent 3 straight weekends of play.  We will take Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Spring Break off from practice and games.  Additional Sunday DH play is also an occasional option.

For the Spring 2018 season, total player costs are estimated to be $1,100.  This fee includes player HBC registration, sanction & insurance fees (~$150/player), 9 tournaments and World Series event (~$300/player), access to Hoover High summer camps sessions (ages 12u and under) and Summer League (13u and above) during a calendar year ($100/player), game and practice uniforms (~$250/player), and park registration fees ($125/player).  Fees can vary based on (a) number of tournaments played in, (b) quality/cost of uniforms for new teams and (c) park affiliation/cost of field space, but we believe this be a fair estimation.  Our current uniform system allows for consistency from year to year thus decrease uniform cost if applicable. Our hopes are to offset costs by providing infrastructure to host tournaments, begin fundraising ventures and offer sponsorship opportunities thus lowering the financial burden on each family.

New teams will receive the following:

  • 2 Uniforms- 2 jerseys and 2 pants
  • 2 practice tops
  • 1 pair practice pants
  • 1 Black Helmet
  • 1 Hat
  • Field Utilization
  • Sanction and Insurance
  • Tournament Registration and Administrative assistance
  • Formal Instruction
  • Coaching Clinic
  • Playbook
  • Discounted registration to Future Starts Camps
  • Team equipment and training

Our long term vision is that these camps will become an extension program of HBC.  We have our own playbook designed based on terms and philosophy from Coach Moseley. All effort has been made to merge our content into one.  So the thinking is that the camps will be another way to reinforce the information from our excellent high school staff.

Typically, twice weekly until tournaments begin then once weekly based on fields availability. Our older teams will have combined practices, with periodic practices conducted by high school staff through our outreach program.  We may have some team hitting practices as well on as needed bases.

It is likely. We will assist teams with administrative guidance in not playing 3 consecutive weeks during the season.  Our hopes are to provide daily Christian living examples through our actions and words to assist each player with life skills.

The biggest difference is TIME INVOLVED. We start practicing as early as February with games starting in late March through June.  Arriving for a game can be as much as 1 ½ hours prior to game time.  All rainouts are made up, setting up the possibility of several games during a weekend tourney.  All are meaningful differences that add up to a substantial time commitment.

  • It’s different because of COST. It can be expensive to run a tournament baseball team and organization.  It requires the teamwork of all parents to work to secure sponsorships and participate in all fundraising activities but can be opted out with work completed verification or payment.
  • It’s different because of PLAYING TIME. Regular baseball rules apply to batting order and substitutions so your player could sit part or all of a game(s).  Playing time is not guaranteed however all effort is made to insure balance in the context of the defined role of each player and how they contribute to the team.
  • It’s different because of POSITION PLAYED.  Practices, skill sets, additional training, experience, versatility and game knowledge all have a role in determining the position of all players to best help the team and to best develop the player.

No. Individual hitting lessons are an invaluable concept and very important part of our development and allows for best use of field time to instruct team play during practices.  It is highly recommended that all players have formal hitting instruction on a weekly basis.  Please see Coach Gage for suggestions as we would like the lessons to be provided by an instructor familiar to our terminology and philosophy.

Yes, with best efforts scheduling on a team by team basis.  Coach Moseley has reminded us that the indoor facility has always been available and therefore will continue to be, if there is a high school staff member on site during the usage. Scheduling priority is given to HBC.

Yes.  Teams will practice together based on age.

  1. Players exposed to elements of the high school system early
  2. Players AND coaches get to learn the benefits of following a system and how it can influence every part of the game
  3. Players get the benefit of our years of player development at the collegiate and teenage level ie specific skills/drills: middle infielders, outfielders, catchers, etc.)
  4. We are a new “set of eyes” to evaluate each player in terms of their skills, how they’re being used, what they need to work on to improve, potentially leading to lineup & positioning suggestions
  5. HBC brings a different, proven approach to methods that keep kids from committing the same mistakes over and over
  6. HBC provides more coaching structure that allows for stronger game day preparation with less constant effort by coaching staff. Ultimately it will provide more time for coaches to spend away from the team if necessary (family time, spend time with other kids, etc.)

Team registration deadline is October 1 for teams who are interested but not currently affiliated with HBC.